African Beaded Butterfly Hair Clip Original 9 Prong Size | Beads will vary -

Product code: 10001
Butterfly Hair's One Clip - the only hair clip you'll ever need!
  • Pretty pearl and silver Hair Clip
  • Best Hair clips
  • Ideal for thick, thin and curly hair types, and all different lengths
  • Interlocking stainless steel combs hold hair securely
  • Comfortable for all day use
  • Different styles can be achieved quickly and easily
  • Fair trade and handmade in South Africa
  • One year guarantee
Review by: Jenny Dove
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2023

Steel wire

Have been buying from Lin for many years and have always loved all my hair clips ,I wear them nearly every day and cannot recommend them enough,all my friends comment on how nice they look and I find they really do last for years. I have long hair and they keep my hair tidy for hours before I have to re-adjust them,I like the large 11 prong clips but my favourite is using 2 of the 9 prongs ,one above the other,you can alternate colours and styles then, so many different ones to choose from. Thank you Lin for being so helpful at all times. Jenny  
Review by: Sonia Ramsay
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2018


These clips are fantastic, I bought 2 at Fibre East , they are so easy to use and all my friends and work colleagues have admired them.

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