Product code: 10014
Beada African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 51000
Chameleon hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 70001
GuGu hair clips
Product code: 10007
Beada African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 10027
Beada Wire African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 10107
Diamante African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 20046
Beada Wire African Butterfly hair clip on blonde comb
Product code: 70023
GuGu hair clips
Product code: 10071
Ndebele African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 61007
Ladybug hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 62017
Ladybug hair clip on blonde comb

Hair clip of the month October: 

Ndebele - Part of the African Butterfly range

This month's hair clip of the month is our Ndebele clips. They are part of the African Butterfly range with our original interlocking combs. With more beads woven across the middle of the clips this style is great for layered hair as well as for pony tails. For more info and to see the styles please click here.
Ladybug hair clips for very fine hair

10% off Ndebeles

Don't forget our hair clip of the month has 10% off! We have a great range of colour to choose from Click Here and select Ndebele under Bead Style. 

Latest from the blog

How to winter-proof your hair
I think we all know that feeling when you’ve spent an hour drying and straightening your hair to step outside the front door and be hit by humidity or even worse, rain!   There are a few products out there such as de-humidifiers that work for a couple of hours to tame the inevitable frizz. So unless you decide to hide away under a beanie hat for the next few months, it’s worthwhile getting your winter hair wardrobe sorted now.   We’ve had a look at some of the best ways to winter-proof your hair. Here’s our top 3:   1. Heat It’s so tempting to run a long, hot shower at the end of a cold, miserable winter’s day. If you want your hair to stay strong and avoid frizz you’re going to need to have a tepid shower. The hot water strips away natural oils that hold the cuticles together. If you’re really brave then do your final rinse with cold water as this will help maintain strength and shine.   2. Moisturise If our skin feels a little dry we slather on the moisturiser. But how often do we do this to our hair? Make sure you’re buying treatments with collagen, protein and amino acids – to protect your hair. A leave-in conditioner will also help your hair throughout the day.   3. Drying We all know that drying our hair, straightening or curling isn’t great for its overall condition. But it’s necessary to get us out of the house on time! To get the best of both worlds blow dry your hair quickly. And consider using a Beada hair clip to avoid straightening for hours. Our GuGu clips are a great way of creating curls if you twist your hair up and use the clip, wait for your hair to dry and let the curls gently drop out of the clip.  
Exciting August
August has been a great month at Butterfly Hair. Our team’s been out and about at various shows, including Bristol Harbour Festival and Shrewsbury Flower Show. And we’ve also got some exciting plans for the business!   We launched Butterfly Hair in 2006 and wanted the branding to reflect the heritage of our products with a more modern and feminine feel. The colours we chose were fairly neutral with some pinks and purples thrown in to compliment the products.   As you all know, we launched our new website earlier on this year. It was at this point that we really thought about how our brand was perceived and what it should look like. We had so much fun experimenting and creating a look that represented us, a family-run business.   We’ve taken it one step further this month, and our re-brand is nearly complete! New leaflets, banners and posters should be arriving at HQ within a matter of weeks – and you’ll notice that we’re sticking with the family theme. By speaking to our customers, we understand that our hair clips make a really good gift, which is why we are now designing gift packaging which will be available online and on our stand soon.   Our graphic designer has been working very hard to make sure our new look is consistent and we’re so excited to show it all off!  
The top 5 home hair care remedies
We’re always looking for the latest miracle hair product that’s going to transform our hair, whether it’s for extra shine, curl or to create that ‘beach hair’ look. And it turns out that women in the UK spend over £440 a year and on average we spend about £30,000 over our lifetime. So, we’ve decided to do some in-house research to discover the best remedies that you can create from the comfort of your own home. Dull Hair: Using a lot of products can create a build-up or film on your hair – however mayonnaise, yoghurt or sour cream can help to reverse this and bring back your shine! Mostly because the lactic acid found in these products can strip away the residual product – and it moisturises at the same time. How to use: Massage a golf ball sized amount in to damp hair and leave it for around 15minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo as normal. Frizzy Hair: Tasty and great for your hair – avocado. It’s packed full of oils and proteins that can smooth and weight down frizzy hair. How to use: We’ve found that unless the avocado is really ripe you’ll need to mix it with some yoghurt or sour cream to get it to cover your hair. Once you’ve mashed it together – apply and let it sit for between 15 and 20 minutes – then rinse. Oily Hair: Sometimes it’s the products we use on our hair, or just our genetics, but oily hair can be one of the toughest issues to solve. Henna powder is a bit of a miracle cure for this issue and can be purchased online through sites like Amazon. How to use: Mix one cup of henna powder add one tablespoon of lime juice and mix in the white of an egg. We’re not saying this is the most glamorous treatment, but it works. Apply to your hair and leave for around half an hour and then shampoo as normal. A quick point to note is that when you’re purchasing the henna power make sure you’ve got the right type as it should not colour your hair. Adding volume: Some of us, no matter how hard we try, just can’t get volume in our hair. Sometimes a good hair cut can work wonders and remembering not to put conditioner in your roots. We’ve found a remedy that gives your hair extra bounce and shine. It’s a mixture of egg, honey, oil and avocado’s. How to use: Mix one egg yolk with a good squeeze of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil and one ripe avocado. Apply this to your head and leave for one or two hours, until the solution sets – then shampoo and condition as normal. Promote hair growth: We’ve researched a lot of different home remedies available to help reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth and using onion juice seems to be the top of the list. Mostly because onion juice is rich in sulphur that boosts collagen production in the tissues. How to use: Chop your red onions or shallots and squeeze out the juice and apply to your scalp for 15 minutes, then rinse and condition as normal. The next time you’re out shopping getting tempted by shelves of products – think about what can be achieved using what’s found in your kitchen cupboards!      
Our story
Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Butterfly Hair. We started the business in 2006 - becoming the UK’s only retailer of African Butterfly Hair clips. Having understood the story behind the hair clips, we just had to become a part of it. Here’s a little more information about the makers of these fantastic hair accessories. Manufactured in the Gauteng region of South Africa, the African Butterfly Company employ both full-time and part-time locals to hand-make each individual hair clip. Employees benefit from the stability and the fair wage they receive. It’s more than just manufacturing for them, the employment and opportunities provided by the African Butterfly Company help men and women who have to cope with poverty and the devastating effect that AIDS is having on bread-winners in their community. We’re extremely proud to have such a rich history and purpose to our business - which gives us that extra push to get bigger and better! If you’ve seen us at exhibitions and trade shows then you’ll probably have met Lin or myself, Nicky. We’re a family-run business based in Bedfordshire, selling internationally. If you’d like to attend a show or check out where we’ll be next, please click here. Butterfly Hair clips are our passion. We’ve all had those bad hair days, but our clips help you wave them goodbye. With so many colours and styles to choose from we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you. To keep up to date with the latest information and get 10% off your next order, sign up to our monthly newsletter.    
Website launched
Welcome to our new website where you can browse and buy from our ranges of African Butterfly Hairclips.  We highly recommend you register a free account, which will let you create and save a comparison list of your favourite hair clips. You can send a link of the list to your friends to help you choose which one to go for. The website also has some great tips on styling your hair with our hair clips, you can even watch our instructional videos to see how easy it is.  Do send us your own tips, we would love to hear them!  You can email them to us or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!  We also take part in a number of shows and events so do visit our stands.  We'll post details of them on this blog and our our social media.  Even better, sign up to the newsletter on our home page or when you create an account and we'll let you know if we have an event coming up. Enjoy our new website and if you have any questions, do please get in touch.

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