Product code: 10057
Dupla African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 10070
Ndebele African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 20016
Zulu African Butterfly hair clip on blonde comb
Product code: 61000
Ladybug hair clip on brown comb
Product code: 70009
GuGu 9 hair clip
Product code: 70002
GuGu 9 hair clip
Product code: 70014
GuGu 9 hair clip
Product code: 70049
GuGu 7 hair clip
Product code: 70052
GuGu 7 hair clip
RRP: £20.00
Product code: 10048
Dalena African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
RRP: £20.00
Product code: 10045
Dalena African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
Summer Sale starting 15 August

£5 off all Dalenas

We wanted to add some sparkle to your summer by discounting all our pretty and varied coloured hair clips.

They are our11 cm combs interlocking combs and will brighten up any outfit

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Latest from the blog

Sensational Summer
Hello. It’s Nicky and Lin. We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our wonderful Butterfly Hair customers for making this summer so special. As many of you will know, we have spent most of the summer out and about at various exhibitions, shows and festivals. It has been an absolute dream! Here are some of the pictures we’ve taken…     What’s even more exciting is that summer hasn’t quite finished at Butterfly Hair. We’ve got lots of summer discounts and offers for you to make the most of, including £5 OFF every Dalena hair clip from the 15th to the 31st of August! If you are thinking about coming along to an event, we will be at the Burwarton Show on the 6th of August, Shrewsbury Flower Show from the 7th to the 8th and attending the Fenland Country Fair from the 29th to the 31st! It’s shaping up to be quite a busy August for the team here at Butterfly Hair. We hope you are all having a lovely summer break. Nicky and Lin.  
Roll up, roll up - get your GuGu's with 10% OFF this summer
The Butterfly Hair team are delighted to announce that we’re offering our amazing customers the chance to buy your GuGu hairclips with 10% off until August 7. Our GuGu range are one of the most popular hairclips that we stock; working with a variety of hair-types and comfortably holding up the really thick hair that other clips can’t handle. Available in a host of different colours, from ruby red to the prettiest pink, the GuGu hairclips come in a number of designs, ensuring you always have a clip to go with your outfit this summer. With the holiday season now well underway, the GuGu hairclip is a must-have for when you want your hair to behave better than your kids do on the beach. Click here to see our full range and to receive your 10% discount.    
3 Tips to Tame Big Hair
The days are getting longer and the weather is getting fabulously warmer, so it’s probably time to start getting summer ready. But those gorgeous holiday outfits will lose a little pizzazz if your hair isn’t ready for the next few months. Avoiding big frizzy hair caused by the sun is crucial if you’re going to be able to find that sleek smooth style you really want this summer. Increase your omega intake To help your hair frizzing out of control, increasing your intake of omegas in your diet is one of the easiest ways to keep the roots moisturised. Whether it’s salmon, tuna, kemp oil or flaxseed, there are a host of effective ways of making sure you get enough omegas into your system. Shingling Shingling is the method of applying products to your hair by smoothing them from the root to the tip in sections. After separating your freshly washed and conditioned hair into four parts, add a little extra virgin olive oil to the hair before going over it with your straighteners down the length of the section. Avoid Touching One of the simplest ways to ensure your hair behaves itself this summer is by trying to avoid touching. The more you touch, the more you’ll frizz.   
Simple solutions to your summer hair problems
Summer might be a great time for getting that tan that you want, but it isn’t always good when it comes to getting the hair you want. The hot, humid weather can often leave your hair dry, damaged and susceptible to breaking, not to mention leaving some to go a little finger-in-plug-socket frizzy. Here are some simple solutions to ensure you avoid a summer of bad hair days. Hydrating shampoos and conditioners: Because the sun dehydrates your hair, it’s important to replace this lost moisture through products. The simplest method of doing this is by using hydrating shampoos and conditioners packed with essential oils and plant extracts. And applying a deep hair conditioner while you’re sunbathing will protect your hair from the sun as well as allowing the treatment to penetrate the hair deeper.  Correctly apply anti-frizz sprays and serums: A great way of stopping your wavy hair from going frizzy and protecting it from the sun is to apply a serum that is high in vitamin E to your damp hair. If you’re already styled and ready to go, spraying anti-humidity in the air and walking under the mist will protect from frizz and uncontrollable strands during humid evenings.  Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin: The easiest way to protect your hair from the sun is simply by covering your head in a hat or a scarf. But if you’re looking to go head-dress free at the beach this summer, applying products with UV protection and containing vitamin E and sunflower oil to your hair will not only protect your hair but also help prevent it changing colour. Click here to view our range of summer butterfly hair clips.  
42 hair clips and counting...
This month we’d like to introduce Jan. Who we think might have the largest collection of African Butterfly Hair Clips, ever! Working at Brentwood Hospital, Jan said: “I wear a Butterfly Hair clip every day, for work or leisure. I love them!” We saw Jan on a tube in central London about 5 years ago when we were returning from a show in the West End, but didn’t manage to say Hello. It was only a few weeks later when we were exhibiting at Brentwood Christmas Show that we met Jan again, she confirmed that we had seen each other on the tube. It’s so exciting for us to be able to spend time with true fans of our brand and get to know them. The first time we met Jan was at a Christmas show in Portsmouth. It must have been 2008 or 2009 when we started to realise Jan was collecting the clips – the most we had ever heard of was eight clips. Jan was going for gold! We meet our super fan, Jan, at a variety of shows throughout the year – and it’s a real pleasure. We ran a competition for tickets to the Ideal Home Show, and Jan was the lucky winner! Adding to her already rather large collection of clips. It’s becoming a family favourite, as Jan tells us her daughter loves them and has a few of her own. Thank you to Jan for being such a wonderful customer, and thank you again for sending us all your lovely pictures!  
How to get that perfect summer hair, without a blow-dryer
As the days begin to get a little longer and the journey home from work isn’t now done in the dark, it’s beautifully obvious that the worst part of winter is over and we’re rapidly closing in on summer. Whatever your plans are this summer, you want perfect hair without having to spend hours working on. So rather than spend time blow-drying your hair, time that could be spent enjoying the sunshine, so here are some easy ways to get fabulous hair this spring without having to use a blow-dryer, curling irons or straighteners. Go kinky Great news – crimps are back. Simply braid one-inch sections from the ear down, air-dry, release and shake out. A little texture spray is all you really need for this fast and fabulously easy summer style that won’t have you stuck in front of the mirror for hours. Get sleeky Not one for those of you with curly hair, but a simple and stylish look that takes minutes to do. After applying a smoothing milk to damp hair, simply allow to air-dry for an hour. While you can flat-iron dry the ends, if you wish, the air-drying process should leave your hair wonderfully sleek enough. Add some waves To get that ‘surfer girl’ look, all you need is to add a little wave to you hair. After adding a little spritz salt spray on towel-dried hair, roll two-inch sections into curls before pinning them to the head and going to bed. Remove the pins the next morning and shake out the curls for some cute waves. Pop in one of our hair-clips and this style works perfectly.   Prolong your style If you’ve put in the work to blowout your hair, you’re right to want to get more than a night’s wear out of it. To get an extra day out of your blowout, sleep with your hair in a high, loose bun, before brushing out and spraying a little dry shampoo in the morning. Butterfly Hair-Clips And if you want to accessorise these hairstyles, all you need is an African Butterfly Hair-Clip.    

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