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Beada African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb
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Diamante African Butterfly hair clip on brown comb

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How to get that perfect summer hair, without a blow-dryer
As the days begin to get a little longer and the journey home from work isn’t now done in the dark, it’s beautifully obvious that the worst part of winter is over and we’re rapidly closing in on summer. Whatever your plans are this summer, you want perfect hair without having to spend hours working on. So rather than spend time blow-drying your hair, time that could be spent enjoying the sunshine, so here are some easy ways to get fabulous hair this spring without having to use a blow-dryer, curling irons or straighteners. Go kinky Great news – crimps are back. Simply braid one-inch sections from the ear down, air-dry, release and shake out. A little texture spray is all you really need for this fast and fabulously easy summer style that won’t have you stuck in front of the mirror for hours. Get sleeky Not one for those of you with curly hair, but a simple and stylish look that takes minutes to do. After applying a smoothing milk to damp hair, simply allow to air-dry for an hour. While you can flat-iron dry the ends, if you wish, the air-drying process should leave your hair wonderfully sleek enough. Add some waves To get that ‘surfer girl’ look, all you need is to add a little wave to you hair. After adding a little spritz salt spray on towel-dried hair, roll two-inch sections into curls before pinning them to the head and going to bed. Remove the pins the next morning and shake out the curls for some cute waves. Pop in one of our hair-clips and this style works perfectly.   Prolong your style If you’ve put in the work to blowout your hair, you’re right to want to get more than a night’s wear out of it. To get an extra day out of your blowout, sleep with your hair in a high, loose bun, before brushing out and spraying a little dry shampoo in the morning. Butterfly Hair-Clips And if you want to accessorise these hairstyles, all you need is an African Butterfly Hair-Clip.    
Short hair is making a strong return to the red carpet!
Following the Golden Globes only a couple of weeks ago, we are now seeing many celebrity stylists opting to create a short crop for the night. Celebrities included Sienna Miller, with a beautiful, effortless, side-swept, textured look and Emma Stone followed a similar style with tighter curls and a more naturally tousled bob. Sienna Miller Emma Stone A short hair style can work wonders on the red carpet, but most of us need a versatile bob to be able to go about our day without being irritated by our hair flopping in our faces! That’s where the Butterfly Hair clip comes in – with so many versatile and colourful designs you can grip, even the shortest hair, back. Although we must say that the hairstyle Robin Wright took to the red carpet with, probably doesn’t need our help, just a bobby pin! 
Sale of the Century!
Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break. We’d like to continue with the festive cheer by introducing our biggest sale, ever!   It’s our biggest sale, yet, because EVERY range is included. Whether you’re a GuGu fan or LadyBug addict there’s something for you! We’ve listed some of our most popular clips with up to 50% off. So if you’re looking to get your hair care and style sorted for 2015, this is the place to start. As with every order you will receive a free booklet to help you make the most of your clip, detailing the different looks and styles you can create. We’ll stop talking about how fabulous our sale is and let you go and see it for yourselves. To visit the sale please click here.    
Happy New Year!
We had a wonderful 2014 and would like to thank everyone for your support throughout last year. Our new-look website was completed with some exciting new features including the extra zoom function and some more videos to help our customers get the most from their Butterfly Hair clip. The comments we’ve received from everyone have been lovely, and if you’d like to see something new on the website, we’re constantly looking to improve your experience, so just send us an email and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Last year has also seen our team attend countless exhibitions, shows and fayres – all of which we have thoroughly enjoyed. We’ll soon be releasing our events and shows for 2015, so keep an eye on the website. Thanks again and a very Happy New Year to you! Nicky and Lin.  
Getting into the festive spirit at Butterfly Hair HQ
It’s that time of year when supermarkets begin to pump out some classic Wizard and you become entranced by the whole holiday season. We’re on a mission to make that easy for you. We’ve got free P&P for all orders over £30, so you can grab all your favourites and save on the delivery. AND we’ve got some new sparkly hair clips, perfect for dressing-up an outfit this Christmas. If you’re struggling to find the right clip for you, or you’d like to try them before you buy, you can find us at Lincoln Christmas Market from the 4-7 of December. Click here to visit the website. Before November becomes a distant memory, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to see us at The Arts and Craft show in Newmarket, The Knebworth Christmas Fair at Knebworth House, The Christmas Frost Fair at Hatfield House and Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre. It was a delight and a pleasure to meet so many new faces and catch up with some of our most avid hair clip wearers! Please visit our Facebook or Twitter page to see some pictures from these fantastic events.  
How to accessorise your hair
Accessorising your hair is a fabulous way of livening up your hairstyle, but which are the right options for you? From bands to clips, pins to flowers, there are plenty of ways to accessorise almost any hairstyle – so let’s have a closer look at the best way for you to brighten up your bouffant. Headband: While headbands can make you look like a four-year old, adding a messy bun can really make this style work. Hairclips: A hairclip can be both practical and stylish, allowing you to tie your hair up quickly as well as giving you the option of combining it with a ponytail. Bobby Pin: Rather than just using a single pin as a practical option, using a number of pins as a way to add layers and an eye-catching dimension to your hair. Ribbons: While a stiff or wiry ribbon can look cheap, floppy silk ribbons are a fantastic accessory to use with your hair; be it as a headband or weaved into braids. Jewellery: Earrings, pins and broaches can all add an extra sparkle to your hair. Placing them in and around the base of a bun or above one ear will add shorter layers. Flowers: Looked great in the sixties and it looks great now. Get that ‘hippie’ look with a simply flower behind the ear or maybe even a daisy-chain across your head. Tiaras: Just no.  

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